Summer Heart – Third Wave (Work Drugs Cover)

Summer Heart

Summer Hearts music just makes you feel so stress-free. Exactly what you need for a sweet easter. Enjoy music. peace.

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#3 This is Thrupence

Thrupence Picture

Jack “Thrupence” Vanzet is a 21 year old visual artist and music producer based in Down Under. He recently released his third collection of tracks called “Voyages EP”. Time before he showed off his talents with “Unfinished Business Tape” and “Serenade/Promenade” another two collections of stunning sounds. To describe his music, imagine living in a Disney movie.

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Don’t Pigeonhole Anything EP


Polkadot a very talented 17 year old Future Bass artist from Wolverhampton, UK. He’s going to release his free debut album “Don’t Pigeonhole Anything EP” via 97Sides on 6th April. Indeed worth to follow, but form yourself an opinion with this exclusive preview of “Close To Me”. Download going to be available on Friday.

Lapti – Orchestral pit

Lapti Picture

Perhaps one of you already listend to Laptis ‘First date’. Really smooth dreamy hiphop beat. If not, you should make a try now. The russian producer just released a new tune last night, ‘Orchestral pit’. Beautiful chill sample track. Check it out!

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#2 This is Cadence Collective

Cadence Collective

Cadence collective is a highly talented group of electronic music producers. It consist of  Kruisemode, Theo Bass, Bearcubs, Cube Face and m∞n. They just released their debut album “cadence sampler”. If you are looking for an musical adventure this album is the best thing you can listen to. Support these upcoming artists and buy their album on Bandcamp!

F3edo – Somewhere


Christopher ‘F3edo’ Pikus is a liquid, chill Drum & Bass producer from Poland who started playing music in his early age. In the year 2008 F3edo finally started producing his own tunes. ‘Somewhere’ F3edos latest creation is a little bit different from his usual production and as he said, took him some time to mix it well, but I think it was worth. Makes me chill – have a listen and tell us what you think.

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Welcome to

majesticslash launch

Hi everybody and welcome to My name is Nick I’m 20 years old coming from Stuttgart, Germany and I’m creator of this little website.

If you don’t follow one of my YouTube channels Majestic Drum & Bass or Majestic Dubstep you may wonder what exactly this website is. Well, majestic/ is a brand new extraordinary online music blog. The goal is to serve you guys with the best in electronic, hip hop, dance or experimental music. The concept is simple: “less is more!”. I’ve been visiting so many music blogs which are overfilled by ad’s, bugs and Flash applications. They make discovering new music insufferable. I hope with majestic/ I could create a platform which makes finding new music a pleasure again. More information regarding our future plans coming soon.

I hope you enjoy your visit! :)
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Erykah Badu Remix Session

Erykah Badu

One of the artists i grew up with is Erykah Badu. I have always listend to the vibes of Bag Lady, On & On or her latest single Window Seat. Her unique, soulful and funkadelic voice always makes it a pleasure to listen to her music. Because of all that copyright issues i decided to show you my favourite Badu remixes. If you have more suggestions just leave a comment…

#1 This is Gacha!


Gacha is an electronic music producer straight from Tbilisi, Georgia. He’s currently signed to R&S Records one of the most forward thinking electronic music record labels nowadays. His music mostly consists of a mixture between deep bass, lovley lo-fi synths, a well-directed use of pitched vocals and future garage rhythmics. His playing on the guitar brings his vibes to perfection. To listen to more from Gacha click on “read more”.

Chiddy Bang – Breakfast

Chiddy Bang

Another, just in time new release on February 21, 2012 from Chiddy Bang amuses our ears. Filled with 14 beautifully modulated Songs it reaches from well  produced beats up to his never disputed skills.

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