We are looking for ambitious editors!

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Is music your one and only passion and do you like to share this passion with others?
Probably we got something for you then! majesticslash.com is looking for ambitious contributing editors. Regardless of which kind of music you love, if its Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Indie or any other kind of electronic music. As long as you are passionated about the music you love this message is dedicated to you!

Your tasks

  • Posting good music all day.
  • Searching for new artists and music,  and presenting them on the blog
  • Writing album reviews
  • Looking out for interesting music events
  • Organizing interviews with artists
  • Moderating blog comments

About you

  • Great personality! (extraordinary blog for extraordinary people)
  • We ain’t looking for genius writers, you just have to know how to show others how versatile music can be. We expect that you like to write or would like to learn it.
  • You are online for more then just 1 hour a day…
  • You have fun with collecting music.
  • You know how to use a computer and Internet properly (no kidding!)

Your application should contain

  • Name, residence, age, some general information about you.
  • Your personal interest in music.
  • Experience in blogging, YouTube channel, something where we can listen to your type of music.


We can’t offer you money for being editor at majesticslash.com yet. But as soon as our store opens you will get free stuff for sure! There are different fields you can take place in. You don’t have to make all task listed at the top. We can need people who support majestic and its vision. If you are interested just send us an mail to info@majesticslash.com.

Welcome to majesticslash.com

majesticslash launch

Hi everybody and welcome to majesticslash.com. My name is Nick I’m 20 years old coming from Stuttgart, Germany and I’m creator of this little website.

If you don’t follow one of my YouTube channels Majestic Drum & Bass or Majestic Dubstep you may wonder what exactly this website is. Well, majestic/ is a brand new extraordinary online music blog. The goal is to serve you guys with the best in electronic, hip hop, dance or experimental music. The concept is simple: “less is more!”. I’ve been visiting so many music blogs which are overfilled by ad’s, bugs and Flash applications. They make discovering new music insufferable. I hope with majestic/ I could create a platform which makes finding new music a pleasure again. More information regarding our future plans coming soon.

I hope you enjoy your visit! :)
If you find some errors just leave us a message: info@majesticslash.com

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