#4 This is XXYYXX


Marcel ‘XXYYXX’ Everett is a 16 year old musician out of Orlando, Florida. Music got him when he was like 10 years old. From then on he played in several hardcore bands. When others were playing outside, he already made beats out of his Bedroom. His music is influenced by 80s new wave, 90s r&b and modern minimalist beats. Many compare him to Washed Out, J Dilla or Star Slinger.

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#3 This is Thrupence

Thrupence Picture

Jack “Thrupence” Vanzet is a 21 year old visual artist and music producer based in Down Under. He recently released his third collection of tracks called “Voyages EP”. Time before he showed off his talents with “Unfinished Business Tape” and “Serenade/Promenade” another two collections of stunning sounds. To describe his music, imagine living in a Disney movie.

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#2 This is Cadence Collective

Cadence Collective

Cadence collective is a highly talented group of electronic music producers. It consist of  Kruisemode, Theo Bass, Bearcubs, Cube Face and m∞n. They just released their debut album “cadence sampler”. If you are looking for an musical adventure this album is the best thing you can listen to. Support these upcoming artists and buy their album on Bandcamp!

#1 This is Gacha!


Gacha is an electronic music producer straight from Tbilisi, Georgia. He’s currently signed to R&S Records one of the most forward thinking electronic music record labels nowadays. His music mostly consists of a mixture between deep bass, lovley lo-fi synths, a well-directed use of pitched vocals and future garage rhythmics. His playing on the guitar brings his vibes to perfection. To listen to more from Gacha click on “read more”.

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