Smote – Summertime

Smote Picture

I honestly can’t wait for this summer holiday in my home country – Slovakia – which is also a home to an awesome producer Smote! Influenced by his father, Tomas learned to play piano as a child and later he played guitar in a punk band. In 1999 he started to produce electronic music and upon listening to Drum & Bass he decided his musical future. And I’m glad he did, because I love his beautiful production full of piano sounds so much. Also, this year in January, Tomas and Blue Motion started their own Reverse Records label – so check them out!

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Command Strange – You Can’t Touch This

Command Strange Picture

Hi everyone! I was listening to Command Strange’s tunes for all day yesterday, so I decided to share with you this very talented, young producer from Kazakhstan. There is an unbelievable number of releases by only 20 years old Alexey. At age 16, he had a first release on Russian label Liquid Brilliants Records and few years later his music has gone to a next level with releases on several established labels! His sweet melodic productions full of positive vibes and beautiful soulful, jazzy & funky samples, is just a combination which makes your soul happy!

I chose some tracks from his awesome “Soul Booster” EP which came out on Fokuz Recordings 12/2010. If you guys like what you hear, I really recommend you to have a look at more of his music here! And you can also find some on Majesticdnb channel, so check it out :)

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Bondax – Only You Know Ft. Dee


I love it how music can easily change my mood and take me away from the reality for a while – this is exactly that case. If you don’t know Bondax yet, definitely check these two British guys. Despite their young age, George and Adam already produce some pretty awesome tunes, which are a combination of more styles. They recently released a single “You’re So” – so, have a listen and enjoy!

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Disclosure – Boiling feat. Sinead Harnett


Disclosure strikes again. They just revealed ‘Boiling’ another great garage-house-minimal track which will be released on ‘The Face EP’ via Greco-Roman on June 4th. The beautiful voice comes from Sinead Harnett, an upcoming singer/songwriter from London, UK.

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Hybrid Minds – Lost

Hybrid Minds

Hi guys my name is Petra I am 26, I come from Slovakia but I’m currently living in Cardiff, UK. I love to listen to different kinds of Drum and Bass music. Together with friends we have our Liquid Drum and Bass page on Facebook, so if you fancy you can check me out there too.

Now, I want to share with you one of my favourite tracks by Hybrid Minds – consisting of Sensa and Haste on production and Grimm on the vocals. They easily attracted attention of many people with melodic, soulful Drum and Bass and so with a rapidly growing reputation in this scene, they are becoming one of liquid’s new super-groups. Check their debut album Hybrid Minds EP on Audioporn Records.

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#3 This is Thrupence

Thrupence Picture

Jack “Thrupence” Vanzet is a 21 year old visual artist and music producer based in Down Under. He recently released his third collection of tracks called “Voyages EP”. Time before he showed off his talents with “Unfinished Business Tape” and “Serenade/Promenade” another two collections of stunning sounds. To describe his music, imagine living in a Disney movie.

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Don’t Pigeonhole Anything EP


Polkadot a very talented 17 year old Future Bass artist from Wolverhampton, UK. He’s going to release his free debut album “Don’t Pigeonhole Anything EP” via 97Sides on 6th April. Indeed worth to follow, but form yourself an opinion with this exclusive preview of “Close To Me”. Download going to be available on Friday.

#2 This is Cadence Collective

Cadence Collective

Cadence collective is a highly talented group of electronic music producers. It consist of  Kruisemode, Theo Bass, Bearcubs, Cube Face and m∞n. They just released their debut album “cadence sampler”. If you are looking for an musical adventure this album is the best thing you can listen to. Support these upcoming artists and buy their album on Bandcamp!

F3edo – Somewhere


Christopher ‘F3edo’ Pikus is a liquid, chill Drum & Bass producer from Poland who started playing music in his early age. In the year 2008 F3edo finally started producing his own tunes. ‘Somewhere’ F3edos latest creation is a little bit different from his usual production and as he said, took him some time to mix it well, but I think it was worth. Makes me chill – have a listen and tell us what you think.

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#1 This is Gacha!


Gacha is an electronic music producer straight from Tbilisi, Georgia. He’s currently signed to R&S Records one of the most forward thinking electronic music record labels nowadays. His music mostly consists of a mixture between deep bass, lovley lo-fi synths, a well-directed use of pitched vocals and future garage rhythmics. His playing on the guitar brings his vibes to perfection. To listen to more from Gacha click on “read more”.

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